IVF with donor eggs

You found out that you cannot get pregnant due to your own eggs? Such a diagnosis raises many questions. Who will be the donor? Will the baby look like me? How effective the treatment is… and many more.

We have the largest and own oocyte bank in Poland – you could not have found a better place.


In vitro z komórką dawczyni

We accept only healthy donors who consciously want to support couples’ efforts to have their dream baby. Our donors have undergone a rigorous and multi-stage medical qualification. These are not patients who have undergone IVF treatment.

Bank komórek jajowych

The large variety of donor eggs available in the INVICTA Fertility Bank. Patients can independently select egg donor based on physical appearance traits and blood type (phenotype).

Doświadczeni Specjaliści

Many years of experience and setting standards in embryology have led us to develop the best process of oocytes and embryos care, which affects the effectiveness of fertilization and pregnancy development.

No age limit in treatment. We support our patient’s efforts to have a child regardless of their age. We primarily rely on the results of their medical examination to ensure a safe pregnancy and childbirth.

At INVICTA Clinic, there are no age limits for women seeking fertility treatment through in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor eggs. Unlike other clinics that may impose a maximum age for IVF with donor eggs, INVICTA embraces a more inclusive approach. The concept of an “IVF donor egg age limit” does not apply here, as we believe that every woman deserves a chance to fulfill her dream of motherhood, regardless of her age.

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing the highest quality treatments and support, empowering women to take control of their reproductive health and achieve their desired outcomes.

When are donor eggs recommended?

  • Every woman is born with a certain number of eggs which “get used up” over her lifetime. Some women have more eggs at the beginning of their lives, others less, but there are also women who have no eggs in their ovaries. The exhaustion or lack of your own ovarian reserve is one of the most common reasons for using IVF with donor eggs.

    Loss of eggs may result from oncological treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical removal of the ovaries). After recovery, you can freely plan your pregnancy using the donated eggs.

    Another reason for the lack of eggs is menopause. It is a natural and physiological stage in the life of a woman in her 50s. However, there are times when this process occurs earlier, known as premature menopause. Premature menopause affects one in a hundred women under the age of 40 years and one in a thousand women under the age of 30 years.

  • Have you already tried IVF procedure with your own eggs in another clinic and the treatment has brought a negative pregnancy outcome? You may be interested in new options. At INVICTA, we always analyze the documentation of previous treatments and draw conclusions to increase your chances at the next try. If the failure was related to low egg quality or it was not possible to obtain eggs, you may consider IVF with donor eggs.

  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) enables detection of the most common chromosomal aberrations (e.g. Down syndrome) and single gene disorders (e.g. cystic fibrosis).

    However, if you are a carrier of a disease resulting from the interaction of many genes and environmental factors (e.g. schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease), you can use donated reproductive eggs to prevent passing the disease to your child.

  • In a situation where you both have low gamete quality or none, you can use both donor eggs and donor sperm. This is an alternative to embryo donation from patients who have already completed IVF treatment.

    You choose both donors separately according to your phenotype. Then our embryologist performs IVF to obtain embryos for you.

Largest variety of Poland-recruited donors

At the INVICTA Fertility Bank we have full control over the entire process of obtaining eggs and sperm from anonymous donors.

What does that mean?

We conduct the process of obtaining eggs from donors in Poland ourselves. We get to know the donors personally. Additionally, in order to accept an egg into the Bank, the donor must meet many strictly defined conditions: age, health, genetic and psychological.

The process of donating eggs to our Bank is conducted by our doctors and embryologists with many years of experience. We work in accordance with the guidelines of global societies concerned with human fertility (ESHRE, ASRM, PTMRiE).

We do not import eggs from foreign banks, which is a common practice in other clinics. Eggs are available on-site at the clinic, so we shorten waiting time for eggs even to 1 day and reduce the risk associated with transport. The material does not pass through many hands, so we can provide it with the right conditions and ensure its safety.

Learn more about the INVICTA Fertility Bank and our donors

Who are the egg donors?

Badania genetyczne

Healthy donor mean healthy eggs

Only 3% of candidates are eligible for the egg donation programme. They are healthy women who do not have fertility problems, birth defects, or genetic and mental diseases. We exclude these burdens not only in the case of the donor herself but also in her family. As part of the IVF procedure with donor eggs, we do not donate eggs from patients who have started IVF treatment themselves – such practices occur in other clinics in Poland.

Zostań Dawczynią Komórek Jajowych

We know the donors personally

Every day we work with women who want to become donors, supporting them through the entire process of egg donation. We start from conducting an extensive, individual interview, then proceed to perform detailed examinations, medical visits, egg collection procedure, and end with post-medical care. Over this process, we build a close relationship with them. Donors are people with whom we cooperate well. They are competent and we trust them. Women who donate their eggs to us do so out of the need of their hearts. They consciously want to support couples’ efforts to have their dream child.

What does the selection of a donor look like?

Online Selection: Find Your Match in Just 1 Day

We understand that during the process of fertility treatment, time really is a key factor. Thanks to the high availability of frozen donor eggs in our bank, you can start the treatment almost immediately after the doctor qualifies you for the IVF treatment.

Based on your phenotypic traits such as eye colour, hair colour, physique, and blood type, search our database for the best-matched donor for you.

Guaranteed quality and number of eggs

You will receive a certain number (minimum of 6) of high-quality eggs from the donor.
The embryologist selects only mature, fertilization-ready MII-stage oocytes. Such eggs are formed just before ovulation.
Therefore, we provide the best material from which proper embryos can be formed.

Blastocyst guaranteed

A blastocyst is an embryo in the last stage of development outside the mother’s body (5 or 6 days after egg fertilization).
With the blastocyst guaranteed, the chance of pregnancy increases by 20% (statistics compared to the administration of embryos on the 3rd day of development).
The development of an embryo into a blastocyst requires a great deal of knowledge and experience from the embryologist, therefore not every clinic can guarantee such service.
The good quality of eggs and sperm is also absolutely important in this process.

  • Our team of embryologists has developed precise quality guidelines for the partner’s sperm to guarantee a healthy embryo in the IVF process. In order for the treatment to have the best chance of success the sperm should come from the ejaculate. The minimum number of sperm in 1 ml is 10 million, and the total number of moving sperm should be 25%. The vast knowledge and many years of practice of our embryologists in IVF processes allow us to obtain an embryo even with the use of sperm with parameters lower than the standards specified by WHO.

    If your partner has no sperm or the quality of the sperm does not allow to obtain a healthy embryo, you can use sperm from an anonymous donor from the INVICTA Sperm Bank.

    In a situation where no blastocyst is formed, you will receive another packet of eggs for free. We repeat fertilization until a blastocyst is obtained – we are fighting for your success.

80% of couples get more embryos than the number guaranteed by us

From healthy donor eggs, good quality embryos can be developed. In the case of fertilization of six donor eggs, you are guaranteed to obtain at least one embryo. However, you have a good chance of getting more embryos than the number guaranteed, as confirmed by our statistics on IVF with donor eggs.


What can additional embryos mean for you?

Ciąża planowanie i prowadzenie

Possibility of another pregnancy

If the procedure is successful and you still have more frozen embryos, you can return for siblings for your first child. Children will have the same genetic ancestry.

Bank zarodków

Higher chance of getting pregnant

If the first embryo transfer procedure fails, the frozen embryos can be used for subsequent attempts. You don’t have to start the whole process all over again. It also means shorter treatment time and lower costs.

IVF with donor eggs at INVICTA is the best possible choice

From healthy donor eggs, good quality embryos can be developed. In the case of fertilization of six donor eggs, you are guaranteed to obtain at least one embryo. However, you have a good chance of getting more embryos than the number guaranteed, as confirmed by our statistics on IVF with donor eggs.


What can additional embryos mean for you?


75% of couples confirmed clinical pregnancy after the first treatment!

This is an impressive result! Our statistics of effectiveness in programs with frozen donor eggs are influenced by the high quality of the eggs and the experience of our embryologists in freezing and thawing. Moreover, the chance of getting pregnant increases with each subsequent embryo transfer! For comparison, the effectiveness of European clinics in IVF procedures using frozen donor eggs is only 44% for the entire cycle (ESHRE, 2016).

Własne laboratoria genetyczne

Our own laboratory speeds up diagnostics and the entire IVF process

Our patients can perform all the necessary laboratory tests in one place. At INVICTA Clinics, we offer a full range of tests, including analytical, genetic, hormonal, and immunological ones – performed by our own laboratory. The speed of performing the tests and the transfer of results to the doctor in one system independent of the location accelerate your treatment process. For patients, the test results are available online on the Medipoint.pl patient portal.

Rozwiązania eksperckie

We have over 20 additional procedures that provide comprehensive treatment

Our expert solutions were created in response to the needs and various problems of couples trying for pregnancy. We currently have the largest offer of such solutions in Poland, because we are experts in difficult cases. We treat:
– implantation disorders (resulting e.g. from a thin endometrium),
– prevent miscarriages,
– diagnose and treat immune infertility,
– provide solutions to genetic problems.
Therefore, you can be sure that regardless of your treatment outcome, we will find a way to support you with a specific solution.

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How is IVF treatment performed when using donor eggs?

Physician’s qualification and phenotypic selection of donor

Choosing a treatment program

Freezing of the partner’s sperm (or choose sperm donor),

Egg fertilization ICSI(also using one of the available methods: FAMSI, IMSI-MSOME)

Culturing embryos to blastocyst stage,

Preparing the patient for embryo transfer (visits, hormonal tests, ultrasound, medications),

Preparation of embryos for transfer (including assisted hatching – AH and assisted embryo implantation – EmbryoGlue),

Embryo transfer procedure (transfer of the embryo to the patient’s uterus),

Medical care in the first days after the procedure (the doctor interprets the level of hormones and advises on the appropriate dosage of medications),

Embryo freezing,

Doctor’s care in the first days after the embryotransfer

Pregnancy confirmation

Our programmes offer a wide range of treatment options. You can use the basic program and buy visits and services separately in accordance with the treatment plan, or you can choose a program covering all key stages, including embryo transfer (embryo transfer) and doctor’s care after the procedure.

What is the cost of IVF with donor eggs?

The cost of IVF programme with donor eggs varies depending on the number and type of eggs (frozen or fresh) used for the procedure.

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