Regulations on the provision of video and tele advice services at Invicta Clinics and Medical Laboratories

§1. Preliminary provisions

  1. The provider of video and tele advice services (hereinafter referred to as tele visits) is INVICTA Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Sopot, at ul. Polna 64, 81-740 Sopot, phone 0048 58 58 58800, e-mail; REGON [Business ID]: 192766523, NIP [Tax ID]: 5851391084, KRS [Company Registration No.]: 0000126605.

  1. These regulations specify the rules for the provision of the tele visit services at Invicta Clinics.
  2. A person arranging a tele visit – hereinafter referred to as the Patient – must read these Regulations and the GDPR for patients. Arranging a tele visit constitutes the acceptance of the terms of these Regulations.
  3. A tele visit is carried out using ZOOM video conferencing software (video advice / ZOOM visit) or by telephone (tele advice), which enables a remote contact between the Invicta Clinic and the Patient.

§2. Rules for the provision of tele visits

  1. Tele visits are carried out in Polish, Russian or English.
  2. After arranging a tele visit (at the Invicta Clinic, via the Call Center or the website), the Patient receives a message to the provided e-mail address confirming the date, time, type of visit, given name and surname of the doctor and the name of the service.
  3. In the case of paid visits, the message contains information about the price and a payment link, which is valid for 7 days.
  4. After the payment has been made, a payment confirmation with an invoice is sent to the Patient’s e-mail address.
  5. The Patient can attend a ZOOM tele visit using a computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device equipped with a working microphone and camera. Before the visit, the Patient must consent to the activation and access to the microphone and camera.
  6. 24 hours before the scheduled date of the ZOOM visit, the Patient receives a link to the ZOOM application along with detailed instructions for using the application. In the case of paid visits, payment is required as a prerequisite of the visit.
  7. In the case of a ZOOM visit, the visit will begin on the scheduled date upon clicking on the link received by e-mail.
  8. In the case of a telephone consultation, on the scheduled date the Invicta Clinic will call the telephone number provided by the Patient.
  9. Tele visits may start with a slight delay. In the event of longer delays, the Invicta Clinic will contact the Patient by phone.
  10. During a tele visit, the doctor may ask for the data necessary to verify the identity; if the doctor has doubts as to the identity (e.g. there are discrepancies between the data in the medical documentation and the data provided during the visit), they have the right to refrain from providing the medical service under the tele visit. If the Patient refuses to provide additional data, including presenting an ID document for verification, the visit may be terminated and the Patient will not be entitled to a refund for the paid visit.

§3. Change of the visit date, cancellation

  1. The Patient may change the visit date or cancel the visit via the Contact Center at 0048 58 58 58 800.
  2. The visit may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled date.
  3. In case the visit is cancelled or rescheduled after this time and the Patient does not show up on the ZOOM platform or does not answer the phone on the scheduled visit date, no refund will be made.
  4. If the visit is not paid 24 hours before its date, it will be cancelled automatically.
  5. If the visit is cancelled within 24 hours before the scheduled date, the remuneration paid will be refunded in a manner corresponding to the method of payment, to the bank account from which the payment for the visit was made, within 14 days from the date of cancellation.
  6. In case of any questions regarding the provision of tele visits, please contact us by e-mail –

§4. Complaint procedure

  1. The Patient has the right to file a complaint.
  2. The complaint notification should state the reason for filing the complaint and specify the Patient’s claim. The notification should include the current data of the Patient enabling their identification.
  3. The complaint is examined immediately, not later than within 30 days as of its receipt.
  4. Complaints may be submitted in particular to the following address: or by phone to the Contact Center at 0048 5858 58 800.

§5. Final provisions

  1. Starting a tele visit means the acceptance of the conditions stated above.
  2. In matters not regulated herein, generally applicable provisions shall apply.
  3. Invicta reserves the right to change these Regulations at any time.
  4. The Regulations are effective from 1 October 2023.